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Types of Lighting to Use in Basement Remodeling

Contrary to popular opinion, the basement isn’t just where you store your junk. And unless your building plan was originally designed with big ol’ windows, you’re going to have almost no access to natural light. Your basement might as well be a dark hole. Luckily, there are different types of lighting to use in basement remodeling that can turn it into livable space. Check out the different ways to light up your basement and the main types of lighting bulbs.

Types of Basement Lighting

– Ambient Lighting: creates a soft glow that reveals the whole space, without casting any glare. It’s meant to get you from point A to B without accidents. It isn’t bright enough for you to focus closely on any task – like writing on a piece of paper. Ambient lighting includes track, ceiling lights, and chandeliers.

– Task Lighting: is a lot more concentrated. It’s meant to help you complete detailed projects like cooking, sewing, and writing. It’s sometimes called office lighting because it helps you see clearly while working. Task lighting includes swing arm lamps and pendants.

– Accent Lighting: like the name implies, adds drama to a focal point in a room. If you have art in your basement that you’ll like to draw attention to, you’ll benefit from accent light.

Basement Lighting Bulbs

– Incandescent Bulbs: add a warm cozy feeling to any room they’re placed in. They tend to be cheaper than other lightings, but their heat output is massive. If your basement doesn’t have windows, and you plan on remodeling it into a gym, incandescent bulbs may not be the way to go. Over the years, incandescent bulbs have also been shown to be less energy efficient – and are currently being phased out worldwide – so if you’re concerned about the long term effect of your energy use on the environment, you might want to go with another lighting.

Bear in mind that incandescent bulbs tend to cast harsh glares if they aren’t covered with a lamp. So if you’re remodeling your space for recreational use, and are decided on incandescent bulbs, ensure you soften the bulb’s glare with lampshades.

Fluorescent Bulbs: with incandescent being phased out, fluorescent bulbs have become the norm in most buildings today. They’re incredibly energy efficient, lasting up to 10 times more than incandescent bulbs while consuming just one-third of the energy consumed by incandescent. Their only drawback, they have a tendency to remind folks of formal buildings. So unless you plan on turning your basement into an office, it might be best to explore other lighting options. All of the basement contractors Columbus Ohio pros should have these.

LED Lights: light-emitting diodes are considered the holy grail of lighting because they are energy efficient (save up to 80% more energy than both fluorescent and incandescent), and eco-friendly. They also won’t turn your room into an oven and don’t need to be changed often – so less maintenance is required on your part.

Halogen Bulbs: are best used to complement another lighting, so they’re best used as the task or track lighting. They’re not as energy efficient as LED or even fluorescents, but they do generate warmth.

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